Great time in South Africa

Hier geht es zum Bericht in Deutsch ...

On 25 October 15 students and two teachers set out on the very long journey to Johannesburg. We were very tired when we arrived, but we still had the power to say “hello” to everybody and to meet our host families. After a little reception at the Tuck Shop the next day, we all went into our classes and experienced a South African lesson.

On Tuesday, we did a sightseeing tour around Johannesburg and had a great view over the town from the highest building of Johannesburg, the Carlton Center.

A special highlight for many of us was Soweto. We visited a primary school there. We played different games with the children and it seemed as if they were very glad to meet us. When we had to go, we didn´t want to because the children were so nice and cute and we didn’t want to leave them alone. After that, we visited the house of Nelson Mandela and went to the Hector Pieterson Museum, where we also met his sister. Another trip of the week was the Apartheid Museum. We learned a lot about the depressing past of South Africa and the apartheid between blacks and whites.

Afterwards, we went to Gold Reef City, a theme park, where we had lots of fun. On Friday we went to the Lion Park and it was a great experience for everybody to take photos with lions and to stroke a giraffe.

For the weekend most families went to the Pilanesberge to see the big five or other wild animals. Some families went to Sun City and had lots of fun there. After the weekend we first visited Lesedi Cultural Village. We learned something about the culture of the South African tribes and at the end we were allowed to try a Mopane worm.

The next day, we had to do our presentation about Wangen in school. When it was over, we were very glad and then we went into our classes. On Wednesday we did a sightseeing tour around Pretoria. We visited the Voortrekker Monument and the Paul Kruger house. The day was very exhausting because of the heat and so much history.

On the following day we visited the Elephant Sanctuary, which was another highlight for us German students, but also for the South African pupils. We learned a lot about elephants and whoever wanted could get kissed by an elephant. After that we went to the Chameleon Market, where we spent our remaining money.

At the end of the day, we had our farewell party with our guest families and teachers. On our last day we visited school and in the evening we all went to the Endball. For everyone the farewell was the worst part, because we had had a wonderful time in South Africa. Thanks to everyone who made this exchange possible and a special thank you to our host families for the very special time. (Milena Kugel)